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It helps webmasters automate the process of validating websites
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Web Link Validator is a very useful Internet tool specially designed for website administrators and webmasters; it allows them to check any web page (or even entire web sites) for different kinds of errors, including broken links, HTML errors, too old or small pages, etc. It is able to analyze links included even in JavaScript codes and Flash applets, as well as in protected and secure pages. This tool can also check locally saved copies of web sites.

This software program is very precise, and scans a given web site from its root (or the specified page), making a detailed analysis of its code. It also searches for internal and external links, which are then tested in order to determine if they are valid or broken. While the program is working on a web site, it will present the results found as it goes along. When it finishes its work, you can access all the detailed information the program has gathered, allowing you to see exactly what the invalid or redirected links are, or if any of the site's pages has HTML or spelling errors. You can also export those results into several popular formats. The program has a lot of options and is fully configurable as well.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight software tool
  • Powerful and versatile


  • 30 days trial
  • 500 links limit in Link List Mode (trial)
  • 500 links limit in Website Verification Mode (trial)
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